The Governing Council of Taxis Services that it has opened up a public consultation of a proposed draft of the Taxi Ordinance of Seville

Seville City Council has informed members of the Governing Council of Taxis Services that it has opened up a public consultation of a proposed draft of the Taxi Ordinance of Seville, “giving everyone notice of a consultation this Wednesday, withthe aim of collecting as much input as seen necessary before its initial approval”.

In this notice, Seville City Council reports that the purpose of the ordinance is to regulate public transport in vehicles within the city ofSeville, adapting the necessary Taxi Regulation of the Council of Andalucía”.

The draft addresses issues such as licenses, both its allocation due to change of ownership or to changes in the number of them, which are determined by factors such as the level of supply and demand, changes in general economic activity or anything that can generate demand, network infrastructure and the public service traffic situation, amongst others.

It also states that taxi drivers “must maintain” appropriate conditions of hygiene and attire, and they are urged to avoid sportswear and shorts. Furthermore the condition of the vehicle must be maintained, ensuring that “upholstery is in good condition, without damage, patches or other defects in cleanliness or poor maintenance, in addition to prohibiting the use of carpets and rugs”.

The draft in question also establishes the obligation to provide heating and air-conditioning and have the facility to pay by card. It seeks to regulate advertisement, meaning that you cannot alter the aesthetics of the vehicle or affect visibility, in addition to prohibiting advertising that promotes, favours or encourages prostitution.

Similarly, it includes that which is already found in statutes of the need to pass an exam to obtain a certificate of qualification, a test designed to evaluate the knowledge of the candidates on issues related to the provision of taxi services (knowledge of the city of Seville, the relevant laws, the regulation and application of fares), and adds that the Taxi Service may also ask for a response test and test of basic English, as well as demanding attendance certificates of weekly courses on language, road safety, care for the disabled, or any other course related to their work.

The draft ordinance considers that one of the most essential conditions for maintaining the city taxi permit is being respectful and having considerate treatment of customers, peers, inspectors, state security bodies and forces, and the general public, in addition to not exceeding the alcohol limit or being under the influence of drugs, not exceeding the of two or more penalties within a year, or to be convicted of a crime.

Furthermore, the Governing Council of Taxi Services has unanimously approved of, at a meeting held today, timetabled breaks within the taxi sector for the year 2014, and vehicle maintenance grants adapted for people with reduced mobility raised by the last Governing Body. It will deal with the equal distribution amongst all taxi drivers with adapted vehicles a grant of 19,500€.

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